Why Aishwarya weds Abhishek ?

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Reigning Bollywood queen Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan, son of superstar Amitabh Bachchan, are all set to wed, said media reports Saturday.

Amitabh Bachchan’s brother Ajitabh has consulted Banglore-based astrologer Chandrashekhar Swamy with the horoscopes of the two young stars, a local news channel reported.

According to Swamy, the horoscopes of both the popular stars matched and “god willing, the wedding will happen”.

In an interview to a Kannada news channel (ETV), Swamy said Amitabh’s brother called on him Friday with the horoscopes (jatakas) of Ash and Abhishek for matchmaking.

“I have known Aishwarya’s father and mother for a long time as we hail from the same village (Punaroor) near Mangalore. They regularly consult me for family and religious ceremonies, besides astrology. I have conducted homas (holy fire worship) for them in Mumbai and in my house,” Swamy was quoted as saying by the local channel.

Though the London-based Ajitabh was reticent in commenting on his sudden trip to Bangalore, he said the wedding was in the hands of destiny.

“I have no comments to make. It is left to destiny,” Ajitabh said.

Within hours after the channel began flashing the news on the Swamy-Ajitabh meeting with exclusive footage, fans of both the stars began to throng the astrologer’s residence. They were followed by hordes of media personnel, including television crews.

Swamy, however, declined to interact with the media. Insiders, who were witness to the interaction between Swamy and Ajitabh, said the astrologer approved the alliance and predicted that the couple would lead a happy life.

Ajitabh was reportedly sent by Aishwarya’s father to consult Swamy after their families had informally agreed to such an alliance.

Even the former Miss World had visited Swamy a couple of months ago on her way to Tirupati, a close aide of Swamy said.

Swamy is popular with a host of dignitaries, including politicians, corporate honchos and tinsel-world celebrities, including Kannada matinee idol Rajkumar.


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  1. aishwarya must have seen something nice in abhishek which most of didnot realise…eventhough abhishek is yet to make a mark in bollywood yet I believe one can not survive for long if the person donot have any talent to match. wedding is a fallout of romance which has been going on between aishwarya and abhishek for a long time. she must be pleased to finally get married after being rumoured with salman khan and quite a number of others.

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