Aishwarya’s “Karva Chauth”

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Whatever the Bachchans do is ‘news’ and Aishwarya’s first “Karva Chauth” fast is no exception. Ash’s absence from hubby Abhishek’s side at an auction event the night before “Karva Chauth” just added  to the rumours that Ash was getting ready to fast for Abhishek’s long life but seems like Abhishek wasn’t in the mood to reveal it to the media.
Abhishek says, “I’ve not got a chance to be at home and I’m just happy to be with Ash. Well we’ve all heard that Amitabh Bachchan is reported to fast with wife Jaya Bachchan for “Karva Chauth”. So will son Abhishek follow suit like he always does and fast with wife Aishwarya??

Abhishek quipped that he would ask his father if he would be fasting and then let the media know.

Well, Ash is not the only one who’s keeping a “Karva chauth” and is in news. Actor Sanjay Dutt might be currently lodged in Pune’s Yervada jail but lady love Manyata will be observing her second “Karva Chauth” fast. Unlike last time Sanjay Dutt will not be able to cook for her. However will manyata visit Sanjay in jail to break her fast? It looks like Bollywood is teeming with rather devoted wives.

news taken from, visit the link to watch the video.



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  1. so what happend finally…can you reveal?…I have watched the wedding of aishwarya but love to have some photos of karva chauth…if you have pls send me!

  2. plzzzzzzzzzzzz send photos of abhiaish wedding

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