Bachchans stage a walkout!

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bachchans stage a walkoutA host of Bollywood stars turned up for the annual Diwali mela organised by Mumbai police on Sunday evening at Andheri Sports complex. The Mumbai police Diwali night, usually has a very good star turn-out, for obvious reasons. And like previous years, there were some scintillating performances lined up too. The Bachchans, Amitabh, Abhishek and Aishwarya, came in early. Seated in the front row, the trio seemed to immensely enjoy the show, as they kept whispering through the show and guffawing time and again.About 45 minutes later, there was commotion amongst the audience, as news filtered in that Shah Rukh Khan has reached the venue. SRK was accompanied by his ‘Om Shanti Om’ colleagues, Deepika Padukone, Shreyas Talpade and Arjun Rampal. But to everyone’s surprise, as soon as SRK entered the venue, the Bachchans got up from their seats and made a quick exit! 

According to sources, the Bachchans however, did come face to face with SRK, during which Bachchan shared a clammy handshake with SRK. The handshake seemed as cold as their grim expressions. Aishwarya reportedly didn’t even greet SRK. It came as a surprise to not only the audience but also the organisers as the Bachchans were expected to go on stage after a point.

A police source, who was part of the organisation team, on conditions of anonymity said, “We were planning to call the Bachchan family on stage, soon after the performances. But since they left early we couldn’t do so. However, there was no prior commitment from them that they would be coming onstage.”

The question here is did Bachchans make a getaway because they didn’t want to breathe the same air that SRK did or was it just a mere co-incidence? Their alleged rivalry forces us to think the former is true but they again haven’t they been denying the rivalry bit a far too vehemently?


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